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Feedback provided by parents at Pediatric Center of North Austin:

  • “I prefer this practice and have for 14 years”
  • “You are all doing a great job. Keep doing what you are doing”

"What would you tell others about Pediatric Center of North Austin "?

  • “It’s great to hear from a pediatrician that they’re not in favor of antibiotics, antivirals, medications of any kind unless they’re clearly needed.
  • “Dr. New Doctor's Name says medications can have unpredictable side effects. He is careful and conservative and I like that!”
  • “We can’t imagine going anywhere else”
  • “This is a great practice, small and intimate which in my experience makes for a better patient experience.”
  • “Every diagnosis, bit of advice, and prescription has always been accurate.”
  • “Friendly office, well-informed, ease of visit.”
  • “Love the husband and wife team. Willingness to listen and the fact that you always have an appointment open for a sick kid.”
  • “Awesome practice! Been coming for 8 years.”
  • “Friendly, professional, same day appointment, open Saturdays.”
  • “Accommodating and caring.”
  • “Clean office and rooms. My son likes coming!”
  • “Friendly environment for the entire family.”

Google Reviews

Took my daughter here and the front desk, MA and new Doctor Woody were very kind and accommodating. Coming from someone who works in the medical practice, I was satisfied! - Arin D.

We absolutely love going to Dr. Kangos. Everyone there is super nice and helpful. They listen to what we have to say and have a genuine interest in our concerns. We started going here three years ago when we moved up North and needed a new doctor. They are super close to where we live and if one of our kids is sick, they make time to get us in same day. We even have had times that we have an appointment and had to set one up for another kid and they squeeze them in on the same appointment. The receptionists know who we are by name and face and always greet us when we walk in the door. When I call I only have to mention my kid's name and they know exactly who it is. They treat my teenagers as young adults and engage them in the appointment, asking questions and listening to their responses. Our youngest has a few health conditions and sees a few specialists and Dr. Kangos is up to date on what is going on and will always ask how everything is with his health. My kids love going here, especially my 8 year old. We cannot ask for better health care providers. - Gina T.

We've had a good experience here over the past couple of years. - Meredith R.

I have been taking my son here since he was newborn and we absolutely love it. All of the staff are extremely knowledgeable, we see Margot as well as Dr Kangos. Lorraine has been extremely helpful with us booking last minute appointments, and is always cheerful and smiling every time we come in! - Jessica V.

Thank you Dr. Kangos and Linda for taking care of my children for over thirteen years! I'm grateful and pleased to have this amazing team to help us through all the developmental milestones and yearly checkups, broken bones, asthma, thyroid issues, sickness and many emergencies. Not only do both Dr. Kangos and Mrs. Kangos have the skills and knowledge, they also provide personal attention, genuinely care about your children and family and are dedicated to helping you get the care you need. - Suzy C.

I have been with Peter and Linda Kangos for over 5 years now. Never have I had any complaints and now they are in the best care. Everyone is so kind at the front. The leave me in control of what my think is best for my children with only guidance and suggestions given. Thank you all so much for the outstanding care!! - Stephanie C.

This is the best kids Doctors office . They are GrandSon can't go anywhere else..Cause the nurses an the Doctor's are THE BEST...KANGOS Pediatrics.....see y'all soon...My GrandSon loves this place he runs around an everything.. keep up the Good work...... - Teresa C.

I just want to say that Dr.Kangos and his wife Linda have been the best doctors ever!!! They are nice, patience, loving and before anything they have been profeccionals! Im so glad the hospital recomend them! Plus the girls at the front have always been nice to my family and me, i been with them for almost 3 years and i have no complain at all thankyou to everyone who does this possible for my priority in life my kids!!! - Yovy C.

We have been going to Dr. Kangos and Linda for almost 10 years and we LOVE them! They know my children, are always super helpful and happy to see them! We went about 6 months without insurance and 3 bouts of strep throat with 2 kids. They always worked with us and we super understanding and caring! LOVE THIS OFFICE! - Debra M.

Linda is so wonderful! She is very supportive (especially to Mommies of newborns) and open minded. She's very knowledgeable and on top of everything. Might I add patient. Same for Dr. Kangos :) I'm very blessed to have such wonderful care for my children. Morgan the (MA) is very good with my children and such a great multitasker. Awesome job Morgan! Cynthia at the front desk is very nice and prompt. I wanted to write this review to let them and everyone know what a great job they do and how appreciative I am. - Linda C.

As a father I am extremely happy with this practice.I have been going here for about one year now and no complaints.Everyone from the front desk is courteous and inviting.The staff and doctors are very professional and knowledgeable.Kids like the decor and I am very happy with this place! - Mark G.

My family has always had good experiences with both Dr. Linda Kangos and Dr. Peter Kangos. I respect both doctors for their vast knowledge and willingness to answer any questions my wife and I have had about our children over the years. Each doctor has their own personal bedside manner that will appeal to fathers and mothers and caretakers in different ways. If you're willing to visit with both doctors over the course of your visits, you get the kind of collaborative opinion and complete picture medical care that is very hard to come by elsewhere. In summary, Kangos Pediatrics is who I trust to care for my children and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. - Christopher M.

Dr kangos and his staff are amazing. I have always received clear and educational answers to all of my questions, and I had a lot of questions. Being a first time mom we tend to blame ourselves for everything from not nursing perfectly to them having a runny nose. And with the way things are now and days other moms even "mom blame" each other. With all this being said, there has always been one constant in all my 3 years of mother hood, that's Kangos Pediatrics. I am not going to go into crazy detail and make this super long but I would like to add one more thing. . . . I called one day with an unsure tone to my voice because my son was sick and I was leaning more towards not bringing him in. Dr. Kangos asked his symptoms and told me to bring him right in. He examined him for all of 3 minutes before he sent me to dell children's with him. This was a very scary day for me. My son couldn't breath and I had no idea. I feel very strongly that Dr kangos probably saved my sons life that day. Thank you Dr. Kangos - Ashley P.

Been going there since '99. They're the best - Russell C.

My children have been going to Dr. Kangos and his wife Linda for over 10 year now. We've always managed to get in to see someone on the same day we call in. My kids have always felt comfortable in the office and besides getting their shots, enjoy seeing the doctor and Linda. I find Dr. Kangos excellent at diagnosing, he has a lot of experience. Everyone in the office over the last 10 years have been super to deal with and always accommodating when I needed medical info faxed over to me. Thank you Dr. and Linda for your service to our family the past 11 years. - Sonia P.

My kids have been patients of Dr. Kangos for the last 11 years (my son) and 9 (my daughter). Dr. Kangos as well as Mrs. Linda Kangos have been fantastic taking care of my children. I can get an appointment the same day (even within an hour of my call). Any questions I may have are well explained to me. Even traveling overseas I had called the office for questions and Dr. Kangos had taken my call. That is something that is difficult to find in other offices. In fact, I had moved down south 9 years ago and I had driven all the way to his office to have my kids checked. I absolutely would recommend his practice to anyone. - Carmen M.

I take all my kids to Kangos Pediatrics. Have been very satisfied. F. D.

Love both Dr. Kangos and his wife. We've been to a few different doctors around town. By far my favorite. - Brittany A.

Incredible and nice doctor, been seeing him for years. Never had any problems. - Russell C.

We love Dr Linda! She's a very good Dr, she's very knowledgeable and takes her time with our son. - Niera N.

Friendly staff, Dr. Kangos and his wife are very thorough and caring! - Jenny D.

The only place that would accept my autistic son with no shot i love this place - Brittany S.

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